The Most Popular Benjamin Moore White Paint Colors

White Dove (OC-17): A universally beloved soft white with a warm, creamy undertone. It’s versatile and works beautifully on walls, trim, and ceilings, providing a gentle contrast to bolder colors.

Chantilly Lace (OC-65): A crisp, clean white with cool undertones. It’s one of the purest whites offered by Benjamin Moore and is excellent for a modern, minimalist look.

Simply White (OC-117): Awarded Color of the Year in 2016, this color is a warm, soft white. It’s bright but not overly stark, making it perfect for almost any space.

Cloud White (OC-130): A classic, soft white with a hint of cream. It’s warm and inviting, ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere in living rooms and bedrooms.

Decorator’s White (CC-20): A cool white with a slight grayish undertone. It’s popular for trim and ceilings, especially when you want a crisp contrast with your wall color.

Super White (OC-152): As its name suggests, this is a very bright and clean white. It’s a great choice for a sleek, contemporary look, and works well in well-lit areas or spaces with a lot of natural light.

Swiss Coffee (OC-45): A warm, creamy white that’s not too stark or too beige. It’s a popular choice for a soft, inviting look, especially in living spaces and bedrooms.

Balboa Mist (OC-27): While not a pure white, it’s a very light warm gray that can appear almost white in well-lit rooms. It’s perfect for spaces where you want a hint of color with the brightness of white.

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