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Founded in New Orleans in 2018, House Fly is a company ready to modernize the Real Estate and Home Services industry.

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Our Story

House Fly was founded with a simple idea: to help people. After years of experience in the real estate and construction industry, we saw a significant need for a more refined digital platform to connect homeowners with reliable and skilled service providers. Recognizing the inefficiencies and frustrations of traditional home service processes, we set out to modernize the industry with a solution that benefits both customers and service providers. From our headquarters in New Orleans, we created House Fly, an on-demand home services mobile app that offers a wide range of services, including painting, cleaning, plumbing, electrical, and general handyman tasks. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience, allowing homeowners to customize their homes, repair damage, or increase property value with ease.

Why We Created House Fly

Our mission is to revolutionize the home services industry by promoting safety, transparency, and efficiency. House Fly offers secure transactions, ensuring peace of mind for both customers and service providers. We handle bookkeeping and legal contracts, so users don’t have to worry about the paperwork. With our secure chat feature, your privacy is protected – no more spam emails or unsolicited phone calls. We also provide a robust dispute resolution system, making sure any issues are resolved fairly and promptly. By eliminating the need for time-consuming estimates and offering upfront pricing, we save everyone valuable time. House Fly is committed to creating a better, more streamlined way to manage home services, making life easier for everyone involved.

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